Why choose Securily over others?

There are other Pen-test platforms, but they end at your Security Roadmap.

Securily makes Security and Compliance Roadmapping Easy.

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Security Team

No need for your team to become information security experts.

Reduce Risk

We take care of every aspect, from security to certification.


Realtime support on Slack, Google Chat or MS Teams, for all your security needs.

Scale Faster

We have the insight to seal the deal.



For Founders, Co-Founders, and all the C-Suite

  • Protect Your Customers

    Data is king, make sure you are protecting your customer's data using best practices.

  • Protect your Reputation

    When it comes to hacks your reputation is at stake, we help you protect it.

  • Go to Market Faster

    Sell fast, be ready to close any opportunity that comes your way.

Pentest to Audit Cyber Compliance Services. We take you to CMMC, ISO 27001, SOC2 or HIPAA compliance and more effortlessly!

Compliance Library

We craft your compliance documentation library.

Security Strategy

Stop reacting to security assessment fires.

Geo Targeting

Protect your endpoints with Geo-targeting intelligence.

Data Flow

Build and keep a safe and sound data flow diagram.

DPO as a Service

Data protection officer outsourcing.

Data Inventory

Cataloging data assets for a complete inventory.

Privacy Compliance

Ensuring adherence to data protection regulations.

Custom Crafted DPA

Legal contract outlining data processing obligations.

IaaS Scan and Monitoring

Monitor your cloud with open-source or premium tools.

White and Black Box

Pentesting with Nessus, Burpsuite and Kali Linux.

Source Code Scans

Scan your code for possible application vulnerabilities.

Security Awareness

The best defense is a good offense.

Resilience testing

Make sure your systems will survive through failures.

Bug Bounty

Let us manage your bug bounty program.


We help you leverage Domain-based Message Authentication.

Security Inbox

We handle security related communications.