We dont want you to miss the biggest customer of your life

Tech Founders develop innovative products that solve costly problems and attract life changing buyers. But their security compliance can slow the buying process to a point that they lose their biggest opportunities.


Pentesting + Scanning + Remediations

Our PentestVPC™ leverages the best tech in the information security world to assess the state of your infrastructure and applications.

Compliance Preparation

We prepare you for your Compliance Audit with best in class compliance preparation tools, such as Drata, and Laika, our team eliminates all the complexity, and continuosly monitor your compliance thereafter.

Compliance Audit

Arrive to your audit with the backing of Securily's team, who helped you prepare, and will be there to answer any questions the auditor may have.

We are helping our customers pass security assessments with...

Why choose Securily over others?

There are other Pen-test platforms, but they end with Security.

There are many Compliance preparation companies, but they offer a prep tool you have to learn and lead the implementation.

There are CISO as a service companies, but they are expensive, and you have little visibility of your company's status and progress regarding Security.

Pentest to Audit Cyber Compliance Services. We take you to CMMC, ISO 27001, SOC2 or HIPAA compliance and more effortlessly!

Compliance Documentation

All the required compliance documentation in an easy to access, customized library for your business.

Security Strategy

Stop reacting to security assessment fires. We assess your security position and provide you a detailed action plan with timelines for deliverables.

Geo Targeting

Geo-targeting intelligence enables you in real-time to protect your public endpoints.


Data Flow

Build and keep a safe and sound data flow diagram for your audits and questionnaires. We help you strategize your data flow.

IaaS Scan and Monitoring

Use industry proven tools, open-source or premium, to scan and continuously monitor your infrastructure configuration.

White and Black Box Scans

Your infrastructure is regularly scanned for vulnerabilities using Nessus, Burpsuite and Kali Linux by a certified Pentester.

Source Code Scans

Scan your code for possible application vulnerabilities. Prevent back doors into your systems.

Security Awareness Training

The best defense is a good offense. Train your employees to navigate security threats and protect your business.

Resilience testing

Make sure your systems will survive through failures. We’re here to help with resilience planning and testing.

Bug Bounty

Let us manage your bug bounty program. Prevent overloading your dev team with unnecessary backlog overgrowth.


We help you leverage Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance to combat malicious email practices that put your business at risk.

Security Inbox

We help you handle communications from information security professionals and hackers.