Why choose Securily over others?

Liberate your team from Cyber Security burdens, our AI powered engine prioritizes security findings in minutes.

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Minimize Costly Cybersecurity Incidents

Cybersecurity incidents can be a financial nightmare for startups. A cybersecurity roadmap acts as your financial shield.


Realtime support on Slack, Google Chat or MS Teams, for all your security needs.

AI Powered Cyber Security

No need for your team to become Cyber-security experts. Our AI powered platform will do the heavy lifting for you.

Why do you need a Cyber Security roadmap?

Your Cyber Security roadmap serves as a strategic guide, providing direction, clarity, and accountability in an organization's journey towards robust Cyber Security and privacy compliance.

Stay One Step Ahead of Hackers

A cybersecurity roadmap helps startups proactively defend against sneaky hackers.

Protect Your Startup's Reputation

Trust is everything for startups, and a cybersecurity roadmap is like a reputation bodyguard.

Comply with Regulations and Woo Investors

A roadmap demonstrates your investors that you've got your security game on point.

How does it work?

We have done it for customers around the globe, and have a proven process that will get your security in order in no time.



Our AI powered automated comprehensive evaluation of your current application security, identifies any gaps or areas that require improvement.


Based on the assessment results, our AI powered engine creates a cyber-security strategy that aligns with your business compliance objectives (SOC 2, ISO, GDPR, CCPA, etc).


Our team of cyber-security specialists works directly with your team implementing the recommended improvements.


Securily continues monitoring your application security to address any risks and to ensure ongoing compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards.

Pentest to Audit Cyber Compliance Services. We take you to GDPR, CCPA compliance and more effortlessly!

IaaS Scan and Monitoring

Monitor your cloud with open-source or premium tools.

White and Black Box

Pentesting with Nessus, Burpsuite and Kali Linux.

Bug Bounty

Let us manage your bug bounty program.

Security Inbox

We help you handle security communications.